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Radiant by MD’s Medical Weight Loss with Semaglutide

Many who are struggling with managing their weight, even after trying strict diets and extreme exercise routines, continue to lack the success they desire. Fortunately, the FDA-approved treatment Semaglutide can help people achieve their weight loss goals without invasive surgery or unsustainable strict diets. Let Radiant by MD help you with your weight loss journey.

What is Semaglutide Medical Weight Loss?

At our office in Monmouth County Semaglutide is a medication that mimics a natural hormone in our body. It helps regulate blood sugar and signal your brain to suppress appetite. Through this action, it can lead to weight loss, especially in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. The treatment is typically injected once weekly.

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Semaglutide Benefits

Reaching a body weight that is healthy helps you feel and look your best and potentially decreases your risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. With Semaglutide Monmouth County patients are getting a revolutionary non-surgical aid for losing significant weight. In a 2021 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, more than half the patients who took this treatment for 68 weeks lost approximately 15 percent of their body weight.

Is Semaglutide right for me?

Many people who struggle with their weight, even after diet and exercise have been ineffective, are candidates for Semaglutide medical weight loss. This treatment can be indicated for people who have a BMI above 27 or those with a weight-related medical issue. It can also be indicated for those with a BMI higher than 30 seeking to bring down their weight and get it to a maintainable level. Considerations include BMI, the presence of certain chronic diseases including gastrointestinal issues, and a history of certain cancers. It is essential to talk to your healthcare provider about your medical history in detail at the time of your consultation. To find out if you are a candidate for medical weight loss, call to make an appointment for a consultation today!

SemaglutideFrequently Asked Questions

This is a proven weight loss medication that has been effective for many patients. In a clinical study, over 50 percent of patients lost 15 percent of their body weight.

Semaglutide has been proven to be safe when administered correctly under the supervision of a medical team. Any medication, however, can come with potential risks and side effects, particularly if you have any existing medical conditions. Disclosure of your full medical history at the time of consultation is essential.

Yes, this treatment can be used for long-term weight loss management along with healthy eating and exercise.

No, it is not recommended to take these treatments during pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding.

At your consultation, we will discuss FDA-approved medications and decide which option is best for you.

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