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Body Sculpting Treatments

Experience non-invasive body-sculpting treatments at Radiant by MD in Monmouth County, NJ.

Even with a steady diet and exercise program, stubborn body fat can prevent you from reaching your goals. Radiant by MD located in Morganville, NJ provides scientifically advanced body sculpting treatments that improve your life without interfering with it. Why is it that fat in some places of your body isn’t melting away as quickly as it should? Excess fat continues to appear in new parts of the body as we age and our metabolism slows, and we may find it difficult to attain our fitness objectives, despite our best efforts. This typical occurrence can be aggravating and discouraging. Discover your Monmouth County Body Sculpting options by scheduling a consultation at Radiant by MD today.

What is Body Sculpting?

Trusted aesthetics and cutting-edge scientific therapies are acknowledged for pioneering non-surgical body sculpting techniques. With Sculpt ONDA, Monmouth County Body Sculpting provider Radiant by MD is happy to offer proven, science-based treatments for stubborn fat. Without a single incision or downtime, our body contouring therapy removes fat, firms skin, decrease cellulite, and sculpts the body.

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What are the benefitsof Body Sculpting?

Eliminate excess fat, sculpt skin to smooth contours, and decrease cellulite with state-of-the-art non-invasive body-sculpting treatments. The body sculpting procedure is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction that does not require anesthesia.

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Sculpt ONDA

Our non-surgical treatment reduces cellulite and offers body contouring and skin tightening. Many users report a 25% fat reduction after just one session. Sculpt ONDA is also used to decrease cellulite and tighten muscles, get rid of cellulite, tighten skin, and reduce excess fat in problem regions such as the arms, thighs, belly, bra line, and buttocks—other areas may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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Am I a good candidate for Body Sculpting?

One Treatment Could Change Everything

Patients at or near their goal weight will see the most significant results. However, ideal candidates include men and women in Monmouth County and surrounding areas interested in toning and tightening their skin and reducing fat. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should postpone body sculpting treatments. In addition, discuss with your provider if you have any implanted devices, such as metal-based IUDs or other medical conditions, as body sculpting treatments may not be suitable for you, but your provider can suggest alternative therapies.

Your Body Sculpting Procedure

Your doctor will provide you with pre-treatment instructions during your consultation.

Before coming in for your Body Scuplting Monmouth County patients should apply moisturizer to the specified region one week prior to your Sculpt ONDA session - this is vital. On the day of your visit, it’s also a good idea to consume at least 2 liters of water. The surface of your skin remains cool while the ONDA handpiece glides across it. However, you may get a warm, squeezing feeling beneath your skin, which indicates that it is functioning. Your treatment should take around 30 minutes, depending on the size or number of treated areas.

Body Sculpting Recovery

It’s possible that you feel like you have a mild sunburn after your session, but this will go away after a few hours. The lymphatic system may be stimulated by giving the region a light massage twice a day for 10 minutes. There will be no downtime after your body sculpting treatment, allowing you to go about your usual routine. For best outcomes, sessions should be repeated once a month or every two weeks. As your lymphatic system continues to flush away your extra fat, it’s critical to drink lots of water following your treatment and maintain optimum hydration.

Body Sculpting Results

After body sculpting Monmouth County patients will see the biggest changes occur six to twelve weeks following their first Radiant by MD treatment. It takes time for your body to flush away the fat cells once they’ve been destroyed, which is why drinking water is so crucial. As the weeks pass, you’ll notice that your skin tightens and the fat in the treated region appears to melt away. The fat loss is irreversible once your fat cells are gone. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle, on the other hand, can provide long-term benefits. Your doctor will also talk to you about arranging follow-up treatments to keep your body sculpting results looking great.

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Sculpt your body with Radiant by MD’s medical aesthetic spa treatments. Body sculpting is an innovative, cutting-edge treatment that eliminates fat and smoothes contours to give you a toned, sculpted look while reducing the appearance of cellulite on your thighs, stomach, and other areas of your body. Call us now for a free consultation and find out how our techniques can help you feel confident again!

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Body SculptingFrequently Asked Questions

Is body sculpting FDA-Approved?

Sculpt ONDA is an FDA-approved device to effectively treat cellulite, tighten skin, and eliminate fat cells with no known side effects or downtime.

What are the risks?

The risks and adverse effects of non-invasive body shaping therapies are quite low. Some patients, however, may have moderate, temporary redness as a result of Sculpt ONDA.

How many treatments will I need?

Many patients see visible results after their first treatment. However, the number of treatments depends on the areas you want to be treated and your aesthetic goals. Typically, patients see their best results in two to three sessions.

How much does it cost?

Your doctor will assess your skin concerns during your consultation and determine a treatment plan unique to your specific needs and aesthetic goals. The price will vary for each patient and depend on the number of treated areas.

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